[Deep House] Various Artists - Coloured Tones Vol. 2

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[Deep House] Various Artists - Coloured Tones Vol. 2

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https://soundcloud.com/colourinmusic/se ... ol2-cim020

Various Artists - Coloured Tones Vol. 2 (Colour In Music)

01. Marcus Raute - If You
02. Luís Bravo & Kruw - For Y´all
03. Bonetti - Acid Night
04. Fasika - Blue Cheese
05. M. Vaughan - St. Go Go
06. Chris Wayfarer - Glasklar

"Colour In Music is back with a six track strong VA compilation that's boasting with heavy dancefloor material!

First up is •Marcus Raute• 'If You', a dense club track that builds up walls of stabs, funky guitar riffs and haunting strings on a broken house beat, evolving into an italo-esque synth groover.

•Luis Bravo & Kruw•'s 'For Y'all' takes a more classic approach, with layers of filtered pads on a boomin jersey house beat and lavish spoken vocals.

'Acid Night' by •Bonetti• is a persevering house track that is carried by a tight jazz infused drum pattern and an array of evolving synth flourishes.

•Fasika•'s 'Blue Cheese' is a proper leftfield piece of house music, with a spooky hip hop lead accompanied by a frantic piano and lots of weird blips and blops on top of a sharp syncopated beat.

Taking a much deeper route is •M. Vaughan• with his moody 'St. Go-Go', a blissfull piece of house music that could easily have been made in mid 90's chicago.

Last up is 'Glasklar' by •Chris Wayfarer•, a dense, laid-back club tune with a lovely filtered rhodes theme and classic breakbeat sample's accenting the groove. "

Early support from Paco Osuna, Benoit & Sergio, Sossa, Shiba San, Sasch BBC, Gene Farris, Mirco Violi, Fog, Luvless, Vanilla Ace, Zombie Sound System, Golf Clap, Manooz, Deep House Amsterdam, DasBaumHaus, Universal Vibes, Kiss FM Ukraine, This Is Why We Dance, Fact Worldwide, Dub Ibiza, Deep In Radio and many more.

Artwork: El Ciganito
Content Writer: Samuel Fedy
Videos: Enzo Avanzato


Traxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/title/673352/ ... ones-vol-2

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